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Outstanding ease in Flame Hardening

  • Will fully harden is air without a water quench.
  • Very forgiving material – low operator sensitivity.
  • Double the hardenability of SAE J435c/0050A.

Deep uniform case

  • 3/16″ to 3/8″ in normal practice.
  • Will attain 1/2″ if necessary.

High uniform hardness

  • 63-64 Rc as quenched.
  • 59-61 Rc following 300° F temper.
  • May be tempered using a torch and “Tempilstiks” (temperature indicating crayons).

Strong rigid base structure

  • Castings up to 4″ approximate cross sections are supplied in the heat treated and double tempered condition at 32-35 Rc and 140 to 160 KSI tensile and compressive strength. This is a 50% approximate increase vs. SAE J435c/0050A (at 90 to 105 KSI tensile and compressive strength).

Very low distortion during Flame Hardening

  • High strength, low transformation temperature and resulting structure contribute to the non-distorting properties.

Flame Hardening

  • Cast Cut® #1 is designed for Flame Hardening only.
  • Flame Hardening Temperature 1600° F ± 50° F (preheating not necessary).
  • Cast Cut® #1 responds best when allowed to air cool.
  • When possible, temper at 300/350° F.
  • This may be done is a furnace or with a torch and a “Tempilstik” (temperature indicating crayon).

Outstanding Weldability

  • Cast Cut® #1 coated electrodes and alloy cored wire offer exceptional advantages.
  • Cast Cut® #1 welding materials result in a weld deposit chemistry that is identical to the base material.
  • The as welded hardness is 55-59 Rc and may be tempered at 1150° F to approximately 36 Rc for machining.
  • When Flame Hardened, the Cast Cut® #1 weld deposit will react the same as the base material.
  • The weld deposits will be nearly identical both cosmetically and in terms of chemistry and hardness.
  • In an emergency situation, Cast Cut® #1 may be repair welded cold, in the press, using any available tool steel rod. The weld deposits will not be Flame Hardenable.


S.M.A.W (Stick)
Reverse polarity (DCEP), maintain tight arc peen after 2-3 inch bead.


Inches M.M. Amps Rc Hardness
3/32 2.4 65-70 55-59
1/8 3.2 95-105 55-59
5/32 4.0 135-145 55-59

G.M.A.W. (Mig)
Reverse Polarity (DCEP)
Shielding Gas: 75% Argon – 25% Co2
Peen after 2-3 inch bead

Alloy Cored Wire Size

Inches M.M. Volts Amps Type Rc Hardness
.045 1.2 16 180 Short arc 55-59
  • When necessary, Cast Cut® #1 may be repair welded in the press using Cast Cut® #1 coated electrodes. The as welded hardness will be 55-59 Rc.
  • The recommended procedure is to pre heat at 300-350° F, weld and temper the entire section at 1150° F. This may be done in a furnace or with a torch and a “Tempilstik” (Temperature indicating crayon).
  • Follow machining and refitting, the section may be re-Flame Hardened. The weld deposit and base metal will react identically. The result will be a “new” section.


  • Best results are obtained with the use of “Chemdraw 1717” cutting oil from:
    • Brighton Laboratories
    • (810) 632-3045
  • and “Rission #888” penetrating lubricating fluid from:
    • Rission Group, Inc.
    • (313) 581-2620

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